Strelley Fishing Lake, November 2017.

We are mental….it’s early and we are sat in the freezing cold waiting for a bite.

It is completely silent. So silent that I am sure you can almost hear the rays of sunlight glinting off the mirror-like water. In actual fact, the only things I can hear are the sound of my own icy breath, and the blood coursing through my ears tucked inside my hat.

It’s humbling, the sound of nothing. Silence is something which is not experienced too often in today’s bustling, high-energy world, and that makes it something special, something to be cherished. To sit, in a moment, which for all knowledge could be completely still in time, it is amazing.

Silence is a rare moment.

A moment where total peace is able to roll over you like the warm sun hitting your skin…….

it doesn’t matter that the bite never came.



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